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Job at TCS and a MCA Degree


What exactly is TCS Ignite? Details about TCS Ignite for you:-

As you all would have been aware that after BCA, MCA is a very good option! And TCS (TATA Consulting Services) is offering Job through its Open Ignite Programme which free for all and a MCA Degree in full time in collaboration with SASTRA University, Thanjavur.

There are few papers, I believe some 6 or 7 papers will be directly be taken the specialists - those who work at TCS.

TCS Ignite SASTRA University MCA Program is a collaborative tie-up with SASTRA University, Thanjavur, wherein students could gain industry experience as employees of TCS even as they top up their educational qualifications by pursuing an MCA degree from SASTRA University.

The MCA program is a 3-year program for students who choose to pursue their MCA degree with Sastra university!

Open Ignite by TCS (TATA Consultancy Services) is the largest community of science graduates in the country. Open Ignite helps science students launch their careers, by improving their chances of being employed with a host of practice aptitude tests and programming challenges.

With Open Ignite, students can learn anywhere, anytime and at their own pace. Science students can also meet and collaborate with peers, seniors and experts in the industry.

Eligibility Criteria:

> BSc Maths / Statistics / Physics / Chemistry / Computer Science / IT or BCA / BCS graduates with regular course!
> Year of graduation: 2014/2013/2012.
> Prerequisite: Maths in class twelve or during graduation.

Unique Opportunity:

> Largest Science Community.
> Free Practice Tests.
> Open Access to Solutions.
> Free Video Tutorials.

TCS Ignite has been involved in empowering the academic community through TCS Open Ignite- the largest community of science graduates in the country.

TCS Open Ignite offers a joining kit for colleges which enables a college placement cell to prepare their students for a global career.

The joining kit comes with a host of free official aptitude tests and programming challenges which will be of immense value to students who plan to participate in the TCS Ignite hiring process or any other recruitment process.

TCS is the one of the well paid company in India.

TCS Package is always lucrative for new Fresher’s & also for experienced professionals. TATA Consultancy Services offer lump sum salary package for all TCSers. TATA Consultancy Services also offer good increment on completion of two years, promotion.

TCS offer average 10% average increment every year.

TCS salary will depends on various factor like Educational Qualification, Skill, Experience, Grade, Appraisal Rating etc.

TCS Career Ladder is like below:

> TCS New Fresher’s (Trainee)

> TCS Assistant System Engineer
> TCS System Engineer
> TCS IT Analyst
> TCS Assistant Consultant
> TCS Consultant
> TCS Senior Consultant
> TCS Principle Consultant
> TCS Vice president

Salary Of TCS Employee | Highest Salary Of TCS | TCS Package 2012 Fresher’s | TCS Increment Every Year.

Salary Of a New Fresher’s in TCS (B.E/B.TECH/B Sc/BBA): Salary of a TCS new Fresher’s is Rs 325000-340000 /year

Salary for M.E/M.Tech/Msc/MCA will be Rs 30000/year more than the mentioned salary

Salary of a Assistant System Engineer in TCS(Experience of 1 year):
Salary will increase slightly to Rs 350000/year

Salary of a Assistant System Engineer in TCS(Experience of 2 year):
Salary will be Rs 380000-400000/year

TCS employee will get two increment in this year. Once for completion of two years & another in April appraisal increment

Salary Of System Engineer in TCS(Experience of 3 year):
Salary will be Rs 420000- Rs 460000/year

Salary Of IT Analyst in TCS(Experience of 4 year):
Salary will be Rs 530000- Rs 580000 /year

TCS employee be promoted to IT Analyst post after completion of 4 year

Salary Of IT Analyst in TCS(Experience of 5 year):
Salary will be Rs 570000- Rs 640000 /year

After completion of 5 years in TCS, TCS employee generally get 10% average increment in April every year.

Salary Of Assistant Consultant in TCS:
TCS associates above 7-8 years of experience & having Assistant Consultant receive salary of Rs 1000000 per year.

Salary Of Consultant in TCS:
TCS employee having Consultant post receive a salary of Rs 1200000- Rs 1400000/year

Salary Of Senior Consultant in TCS:
TCS employee promoted to Senior Consultant receive a annual salary of Rs 1800000-Rs 1800000/year.

Salary Of Principle Consultant in TCS:
TCS employee promoted to Principle Consultant post receives an annual salary of Rs 2600000- Rs 3000000/year.

This programme is highly recommended by all those who have joined it and are working in TCS! So, why not grab this opportunity!

-Chief Administrative Officer.

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