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Importance of "C" Language


Strange thing happened today:

Today, a pre-final year student asked me:

"Sir, my teacher told me that C is an out-dated language. Nobody works on C. Then why do you teach such an out-dated language?".

I was initially shocked to hear this and later explained him the importance of C Programming language. C can never be out-dated. C still remains the widely used programming language on earth. I have heard from Tech-Managers that, they are finding very difficult to find good C programmers and there are not many FRESHERS who choose it. Now, I get to know the reason behind it. There are people without general knowledge who misguide students about something that they don't know.

C is one of the most powerful language used for System Programming. Programming with C is fun and you should really be lucky enough to work as a C Programmer. If you would like to know the usage of C, then download the source code of Linux Kernel from and browse through the source code directories. You will enjoy it a lot.

The below link says that, C still remains the most popular language compared to other programming languages. You can have a look!

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