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Why we are studying B.C.A.?


Although Bachelor of Computer Applications was introduced as a degree at a later stage (Earlier there was only Computer Science), Computer Applications enjoys a majority compared to Computer Science as a whole, although both are equally important and not superior to the other!

In Computer Applications, you will learn only about how to create, develop and maintain a system as well as a web application. The complete aim is given to the programming logics, system components and its working principles and how does an application interacts will the system or the server!

Computer Applications does not ends here itself!

In Computer Applications, we also learn about securing an application through various workshops and seminar as well.

As a Computer Applications Student, it is not only our duty to create, develop and maintain a system or a web application but also to secure it!

This is what a Computer Applications Degree is all about!

In Computer Science, you will be studying about Computer Logic with the help of Mathematics (Even in Computer Applications as well, for additional logic building!), Hardware of a Computer System, both as a separate paper!

In Computer Applications you are thought things in such a practical manner that you analyze that how your application interacts with the system components and you work according in developing your application!

So, here you are gaining a full-on practical knowledge!

Be happy and proud to be a Computer Applications Student!

And moreover to be under the Leadership of Mr. M. I. Seyadu Umar Farook Sir, Head of the Department of Computer Applications, The New College (Autonomous), Chennai.

-Chief Administrative Officer.

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