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Important RDBMS FAQs


The following are the FAQs of RDMS paper, framed by the C.A.O.

2 marks:-

1. Different types of attributes in an entity.
2. Define views.
3. List the 4 types of authorization.
4. What is a trigger.
5. Define free list.
6. Draw the storage device hierarchy.
7. What is a sparse index.
8. Why Skew occurs.
9. Define course granularity parallelism.
10. Define thread.
11. Define Database.
12. What is meta data.
13. What is data model.
14. List any 2 advantages of DBMS.
15. Describe the term relationship.
16. What is data abstraction.
17. List any 2 components of DBMS.
18 . Define Data dictionary.
19. Define normalization.
20. What do you mean by aggregate function.
21. Describe files
22. What do you mean by backup and recover.
23. Define concurrency control.

5 marks:-

1. Describe various data models.
2. What is meant by aggregate function with an example.
3. Discuss sorting.
4. Briefly discuss transaction state.
5. What is a distributed system.
6. Write about function creation in SQL.
7. Discuss organization of file.
8. What is meant by assertion.
9. Define the relationship between primary & foreign key with example.
10. List the functionality of Data manipulation language.
11. List the arithematic operation performance in a query.
12. Write a brief notes on types of SQL commands.

10 marks:-

1. Explain ER diagram with an example.
2. Explain the normalization process with and example.
3. Explain encryption and authentication in DBMS.
4. Explain Dynamic Hashing.
5. Explain deadlock handling.
6. Explain with an example the fundamental operations in relational algebra.
7. Explain the different DDL commands available.
8. Explain the functionality of data dictionary in detail.
9. Describe the concept of sub-query with an example.
10.Explain the components of DBMS.
11. Discuss in detail transaction management and concurrency control.
12. Explain the overview of DBMS.
13. Explain about the classification of data.
14. Explain about the distributed deadlock.

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