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Importance of International Certification


Here in my opinion based on my 3 day research and interaction with my HRs of Top-notch IT Companies on the importance of International Certification.

So what is International Certification basically?

International Certificate certifies you globally on a specific technology.

Who certifies me?

The company whose technology you want to get certified, will provide you the certification. Say if you want to get certified in a .Net Technology, then Microsoft Inc., will certify you!

What is so important of that certification and how will that help me in my career?

As International Certification is written in room where many CCTV cameras are installed, you can clear it clear the examination unless you have the knowledge of implementation! So if you get Internationally Certified then the recruiting company gets an assurance that you know the technology well and you can implement certain things by yourself and you will be offered a higher pay as well! Say some Rs. 500/- per month (for freshers) and Rs. 3000/- per month (for experienced candidates). So does it makes the difference for your career?

What is the cost of the International Certification?

It ranges from Technology-to-Technology and Company-to-Company, actually. Basically the price ranges from Rs. 3,500/- and above.

So why not grab it, folks!

-Chief Administrative Officer.

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