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Many of you guys are just confused what to pursue? Either MCA / MBA as your higher study after BCA.

Here goes my suggestion after discussing this issue with a couple of HRs of MNCs and a few Placement and Career Guidance Consultants!

MCA means Master of Computer Applications. When we say Computer Applications means we will be studying how to create, develope and test the computer / mobile applications.

If you choose MCA, then you have nearly 11 domains to choose for your career after MCA like Analyst, IT Education (Corporate Trainer), Software Developer, Software Engineer, Tester, Information Security Officer (Ethical Hacker), Content Developer, Network Administrator, Developing Websites etc.

After doing MCA, if you do SAP, the course fees itself starts from Rs.2,75,000/- (Fees depends on the domain you choose for) for some 20 days and some 8 hours per day! then you will be among the top best paid candidates in the your company.

If you become SAP Trainer and if you wish to go to Canada, then you will get 5 years PR with family, a mansion with car from the government itself, this was said by one of the HRs whom I have met some days back!

And do not forget to grab your International Certification timely! International Certification increases your pay in the company with a minimum difference of Rs. 750/- per month and gives you a high status among others working therein!

If you really want to pursue MCA, then do it in an Engineering College only, in India! As their curriculum will be better than those Non-Engineering colleges. I strongly recommend after having discussing with many HRs, that students should prefer US for pursuing IT Courses further, if you can then go for it!

MBA means Master of Business Administration. When we say Business Administration means we will be managing a part of the business.

In MBA, we have many domains like Finance, HR, Banking etc. In today's date, when we talk about MBA, the only thing comes to our mind is Management or Finance. But folks, allow me to let you know that for the past 3 years HR is in high demand than Finance.

These days it is not to easy to get into Finance and if you go for HR you get paid alot based on your potential!

Many say that if you do MBA and especially MBA in HR from LIBA, your starting salary would be Rs. 30,000/-.!!!

If you are really interested in pursuing MBA as your higher education as part of your career, then do it in a top notch college in India or else go abroad for the same, if you can!

-Chief Administrative Officer.

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