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Why are you studying BCA??


You are advised to read the full post to under "Why are you studying BCA??". A fun way to express the thought or a fact!

Recent FB Conversation, Girl (studying BCA) and a Boy (B.Com)!

Girl : My frnd is selling a laptop da. Do u want it ??
Boy : Configuration enna de??
Girl : Lenovo Laptop, 2GB Ram, Intel Processor, Reliance Net Connect Installed, Nokia PC suite iruku, innum 8 month Warranty iruku.
Boy : Configuration'a­ ­ keten de...
Girl : you know abt computer or not?? adhaan sonnen'ey da 2gb ram ..PC suite iruku nu .
Boy : yeiiiii dubuku.. nee unmaiyavey BCA dhaan padikuriya?? seri Hard disk ethana GB capacity???
Girl : Na BCA dhaan padikren. Unaku than onum therila. hard disk tha 2GB Ram nu sonnen la..
Boy : aiyo kadavuley... seri processor enna nu atleast theriyuma??
Girl : Naan dhaan sonnen'ey da Intel Processor nu.. unkitta poyi laptop pathi sonen paaru .
Boy : aiyyooo unna edhaala adikuradhu?? Intel than, Entha Version ? P4 ah, Dual Core ah ? I3 ah illa i5 va ?
Girl : Pentium Company da mundam...
Boy : Pentium oru company ah ?? naasama pochu.. enaku laptop'ey venaam podi...

These people from Administration background getting into the IT Companies by just doing a Diploma!

Then why can't we get a job inspite of studying an IT Degree?

What is the reason?

KNOWLEDGE, which is priceless.

Those Administration background students gain knowledge via studying a Diploma and get into the IT Industry as they are not well paid and full of competition therein the industry.

The industry is expecting a lot from us, as we are from IT background!

Yes, there is competition in IT Industry also but here you need knowledge and practice to survive then comes marks!

Try your best to score above 70% which is the base requirement in addition to the knowledge to get into the IT industry for an IT background student.

Because marks will determine your communication skills! How well could you communicate your knowledge or idea in words therein!

Happy Knowing :)

-Chief Administrative Officer.

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