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Seminar on Campus Drive


Insha Allah Subhana va Ta'ala, a seminar will be conducted soon after the college re-opens after the End Semester Examination. I.e., the Odd Semester! In the month of June

Guest of Honor for the Seminar will be, Insha Allah Subhana va Ta'ala, Mr. Anand Kannan, Chief Operating Officer of Leadership Education And Development Services Private Limited, Chennai, having significant International presence in USA and Singapore. He is also a member of Board of Studies for various prestigious Universities in Tamil Nadu and is a sought after Soft Skill Trainer by many top-notch Universities and Colleges across Tamil Nadu. A business consultant as well!

Guest who has been invited to share their experience and a say about the seminar are Mr. Shubham Davey, Trainee Developer @ CTS, just passed-out from B.Sc., Computer Science, D. G. Vaishnav College, Chennai, who has attended the same seminar and has request for his presence where the speaker goes to take the same seminar to give his personal feedback about the seminar and share some of his experience as well.

The speaker of this seminar is Mr. Mohammed Ahmed F, Chief Administrative Officer of

This seminar will be held in the month of June for all the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Year Students from the Department of Computer Applications, Computer Science and Information Systems Management.

The Qirat will be by a Senior faculty member, will be announced soon.

The President of the Staff Association and few Head of the Departments and faculty members will be invited to share their opinion about the seminar, Insha Allah, which is expected to be held in the month of June (Date will be announced soon).

Note: The download file will be made available after the seminar.

-Chief Administrative Officer.

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