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VB Important Questions for Semester


As many of your are waiting for some Frequently Asked Questions for VB. I regret that we could get the questions but here is the idea and few questions just for you.

2 Marks:

Study all the units and concentrate.
Let the priority be on the Controls and its properties in Unit 2 and 3 - atleast 3 questions can come related to controls.
From Unit 1 and 5 atleast 4 questions will come.
Rest can be from anywhere with respect to the syllabus.

5 Marks:

Study Unit 1, 2 and 3 - atleast 3 Questions Guaranteed, if lucky you might get 1 more question!
Concentrate on Unit 2 and 3 as it contains more number of controls!
Also learn Unit 4 as it contains Arrays and Functions - questions can be asked from this also.
In Unit 5 - File System Controls, File System Objects and Testing and Debugging may be asked.

10 Marks:

IDE - Unit 1
Fundamental data types in VB
Control Structure - Unit 4
Arrays and Control Arrays - Unit 4
Functions - Unit 4
MDI Form - Unit 4

If you study first 3 Units thoroughly and write well in exam, you can score 60% to 65% marks, we hope so!

-Chief Administrative Officer.

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