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Proudest Moment


Proudest moment for our College and the Department.

Let us Welcome the New Administrator (Sub-Administrator) of this Blog!

Sub-Administrator - Mr. Shubham Davey, Final Year B.Sc. (Computer Science) Student of D. G. Vaishnav College, Arumbakkam.

Who has been following our blog for more than a month and has been permitted to be Sub-Administrator by the C.A.O. on request, to help him improve his new blog for his college's department!

Mr. Shubham Davey has been inspired by the Unofficial Blog of the Department of Computer Applications,  The New College (Autonomous), Chennai.

Upon his written request to the Chief Administrative officer to become the Sub-Administrative Officer, the Chief Administrative Officer has approved him as the Sub-Administrative Officer.

So, is it not the proudest moment for the college and the department, that some person from other college has shown interest for an Unofficial Blog of the Department of Computer Applications!

This blog is being followed by few Engineering College Students as well, apart from other Arts & Science College students!

-Chief Administrative Officer.

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