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Ericsson hiring Interns 2016 Passed Outs


Career Opportunities: Software Developer-Intern(for 2016 fresh graduate) (77900)


We are looking for Software Developer who:

• Has Proactive working attitude
• Is a good Team Player
• Has Ability to Learn & Improve
• Integrity you state how it is, tell the truth
• Is able to work under pressure
• Has good communication skill and other soft skills

• Perform System Support & Maintenance task with limited supervision
• Perform software development task with limited supervision
• Help TA with Project related or Organization related documentation preparation and consolidation.
Competence Description:
• Competences must have:

1. Degree bachelor or above;
2. Perl – basic knowledge
3. C/C++ - basic knowledge
4. Linux – basic knowledge
5. DBA/Postgresql Database Skills – basic knowledge
6. Java programming skill – basic knowledge
7. Basic Knowledge in Java EE, Spring, Hibernate, tomcat;
8. Familiar with SQL programming;
9. Fluent spoken and written English
• Competences as optional:
1. Server Admin with hardware experience
2. Android development experience;
3. Software testing experience;
4. Japanese Language skill
5. Cultural awareness

-Chief Administrative Officer.

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