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TCS Interview Registration (Mandatory)


As a Student Ambassador for Placement, I would like to inform you all that TCS will be hiring all Arts & Science Graduates only through Off-Campus.

As you all have registered for TCS Open Ignite and have completed your portfolio to 100%, watched 4 Videos and Completed 2 Open Challenges.

Those Final Year Students who have not registered in TCS Open Ignite are highly advised to do it immediately and complete their Profile Portfolio to 100%, 2 Aptitude Tests, 4 Videos and 2 Open Challenges.

Now it's time to prepare for the TCS IT Interview (Off-Campus).

All the Final Year Students of IT Wing (BCA, B.Sc., ISM) are asked to register themselves for TCS Off-Campus Interview to be held in the month of Jan / Feb / Mar 2015.

Be careful while registering, don't make any mistakes. Mistakes will land you in rejection.

Information Provided by the Student Ambassador for Placement jointly with the Placement Officer.

-Chief Administrative Officer.

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