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TCS Aptitude "Maths Test 5" Answers


With a very high risk, just for your future we are sharing the Answers of TCS Open Ignite Aptitude Test.


1. Check the images very carefully.
2. Select the stated Test name alone for which the answers has been provided.
3. Do check the questions and the number given in the question for calculation, be careful.
4. You have enough 45mins to complete one test so the time of completion will be tracked so don't try to over-smart and finish the test sooner as you have answers, don't be foolish but be smart.
5. Purposely only few answers has been provided to help you crack the aptitude test, rest you try it by yourself - 40% help has been provided through this post.

FIRST SELECT MATHS TEST 5 under Test -> Take Test in top

Answer for 1:

Answer for 3:

Answer for 8:

Answer for 9:

Wait for another post which will contain the answers of Maths Test 1.

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Stay tuned!

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