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TCS Interview Notification


As earlier informed, TCS will be conducting Interview in the month of Jan / Feb 2015.

Greetings from TCS Ignite!

We hope you have been enjoying the learning experience in TCS Open Ignite. We are glad to observe that you have made progress with completing the minimum stipulated participation requirements. As you are aware we are planning to shortlist candidates for our next hiring stage by month end.

Based on your overall profile and participation we believe that you are one of the stronger aspirants for a TCS career. We encourage you to complete:

1. Two aptitude tests
2. Two Video
3. 100% Portfolio
4. Two challenges

So that you do not miss out on being considered for the next stage. The deadline is November 30, 2014 but an earlier completion could earn you a call much earlier.

All the Best!
Team Ignite

-Chief Administrative Officer.

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