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What you require in Interview?


What happens during a placement interview? Read on...

I attended a campus interview for a large IT company recently where I had to undergo three rounds of interview — aptitude, technical and HR. In the first round, candidates were tested on problem-solving and e-mail writing. I cleared this and was selected for the technical round, which was two days after the first. In the second round, the candidates were tested on technical skills.

The questions were cantered around the candidates’ respective streams of engineering. As I was a computer science student, the questions I had to answer were about C-language, Database Management Systems, Java and my mini-project. Eventually, I was selected for the HR round.

The long wait - It was a long wait before my turn came, the next day. The first thing they asked me was to tell them something that was not in my resume. “I am creative, curious and cautious,”

I replied. I also explained how I was all those things. When they asked me about the attrition rate of their company and I explained that it was at 10 per cent, they asked again if I was sure.

I was not actually sure but I said that I was. I assumed they were testing my confidence, and so, I gave a confident response.

In detail - I was asked about my project too, extensively. I explained everything — the tools we used, the front-end, the back-end and the purpose of the project.

After this, they asked how long I would work with the company and I immediately said, “five years.” Then, to manage the situation better, I said that I had not yet decided and that I may continue to work there for more than five years too. They seemed intrigued and kept questioning me about the timeframe. I then had to say that I might pursue a post-graduation degree.

The questions went on. I was asked if a post graduation was necessary and I stressed that it was. The last question was about what I wanted to do in life. I replied that I would like to become a researcher.

The HR person smiled and said, “You may leave now.” I didn’t understand what he meant, and I said, “Thank you for your time.” I gave a firm handshake and left the room.

I felt that I had made a few mistakes by revealing that I would pursue higher education and also while talking about attrition rates despite not being sure of my facts. However, I expected that I would be selected.

After two days, the results were declared. I was anxious initially, but saw that I was selected.

What I learnt from this experience was the importance of being confident during an employment interview, so as to come out with flying colours.

-Chief Administrative Officer.

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