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5 Resume Tips that Guarantee Interview


Companies really don't have any time to look into all resumes in detail.

Resumes are used to filter all the applications and help companies short-list a few students for an interview.

Here are 5 resumes tips that will get you invited for an interview

Highlight your Projects/Internships

Companies look at Projects & Internships to see if you have done anything that reflects your potential capability.

Also, it helps to know how different you are from your peers. Stand-out from other students, by mentioning your projects & internships done.

Without these, your resume will be very ordinary. Make your resume special, by doing special work – projects, internships, research work etc.

Mention your contribution to project/internship – When writing about a project or an Internship experience, mention what your contribution was, what difference did you make? For example –

I designed the front-end for my college website www.<collegewebsitename>.com

Designed a model Liquid waste recycling system to treat and completely re-use the liquid wastes from the college kitchens.

As a reporter for Hindu’s daily supplementary “Metro Plus”, I received 5 bylines for the articles I contributed in the technology section.

Quantify your project/internship/education results – Always quantify your achievement or results from a project, internships, paper presentation, your education and more. This will help companies understand your work better. For example -

The project i did helped save 40% energy.

The college/company has presently implemented my project on a small scale. This will be scaled up on successful operation for one year.

I was chosen as 1 among the 1000 students in my college, to participate in the debate.


Upload your projects/presentations and give links - Always give links to the work done by you. If it is a paper presentation, give links to the journal. Also try to upload your projects online and give links to them. For example -

Upload articles you write and give the links, when you apply for any writing job/internship.

Upload your designs/software code and give links – will help companies understand you better.

Specific Objective – Companies use objective section to check if their requirement and your objective match. Hence write a specific objective, when applying for an internship or job. For Example -

Entry level programmer in a software development company.

A position as a trainee in a petro-chemical company.

Intern in a marketing role in a web startup.

I guarantee that if you follow these tips, you will certainly be called for interview at a good company or university!

To learn more tips and create an effective resume – check this course on Effective Resume Writing on Twenty19 Courses

All the best!

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