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Time Management Skills


Have you ever thought of learning a new skill may be photography or guitar or java or marketing ? While still attending college?

Its kind of hard to balance both, you will be occupied for sure and if you are looking to learn any how the new skill and stand out from others hears an idea.

Online courses

With the course being online you can manage your time very effectively, since there wont be a need to travelling up and down and wait for all those uncertainties to happen, like the tutor having a coffee or isn't feeling well or is having fun from somewhere with his family. There may be many reasons – trust me.

With things being online all you gotta do is sit and log in your PC to go right to the place where the tutor is waiting for you all the time.

There are many online courses which are taught with practical examples which will help you understand and learn the new skill better.

So how to manage the college and learn new skill?

1) Know your Day:

How do you spend your day? How does your typical day goes?
Note it down, maybe draw a chart of 24 hours.

For example: If you spend 8 hours in college, from this time to that – Note it down.

Where does the remaining time goes?

Sleep, eat, friends and other activities – Note it down.

2) Scheduling:

Now that you know how your time is slipping by, deviate it towards your goals.


8 Hours in college
But, college only 5 hours
So, where are the 3 hours?

Hangout with friends, gaming, snooker, etc.etc. Well, you need these as much as college itself. So narrow it down, may be to an hour.

Congrats you just gained one hour of everyday for your whole college life that is 365 hours of an year multiplied by four years of graduation=1460 Hours, that is 61 days or 2 months.

Just reducing a small bit of time in not-so-important task you gained 2 months of your life by just cropping down one event.

If you can understand more of where your time is slipping by you can save more and more time, there by working towards your goal.
There by giving yourself time to learn something new – Doing an online course or practicing guitar or anything.

Since usually a typical online course is 20-30 hours you can put in 2 hours of your day everyday there by learning the skill in just 15 days. Yeah a new skill in just 15 days.

As we see schedule is the tool with which we can control your time.


3) Follow the Schedule:

Knowing a schedule is equal to not knowing it – Why?
Because its not being followed.

If you know everything yet you don’t do anything it is equal to not knowing

4) Remove Distractions:

Define Distraction: An activity which increases the probability of you fleeing off the schedule is known as a distraction – in other words the things which consume your time and gives you back nothing.

Some of the fine examples are – Facebook, gossips, twitter. Well, you know the examples better.

5) Push the limits, but don't force it:

There is a fine line where the limits are pushed and you know when your are off it – these are the times when you are open to everything, let it be extreme productivity or extreme anxiety.
So watch yourself – when your off the limits, don’t force yourself at such a stage where its just anxiety of doing things.

Never push yourself – If you think you can than just go ahead.

6) Give yourself a break – Do something crazy once in a while.

Treat yourself with a nice dinner or a game, sometimes in a day get off the busy schedule and do something crazy and fun, because schedule isn’t just life.
Be it meeting a friend, or going off a road trip or trekking or cycling. Just do it.

7) Keep an eye on health.

While you are managing the schedule its a tough time, so keep an eye on your health and eat healthy food so that you can take these tough times.

8) Keep Learning:

Keep learning new skills and explore the learnt skills. Because there is something new in the world everyday

-Chief Administrative Officer.

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