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New Logic '14 v2.0


Prizes, Mementos and Participation Certificates have been distributed to the Intra Department Participants, Event Organisers for the IT Wing of Shift I and Shift II.

It is revealed officially that in New Logic '14, 229 Students participated from 30 Colleges and in Online registration for the event which was taken care by 3rd Year Students of B.C.A. 20 Engineering Colleges registered themselves for the various events conducted in New Logic '14 out of which 5 of those Engineering Colleges Team turned up in person for the New Logic '14.

Colleges like WCC, Loyola have turned up over the phone to praise the organisers for having conducted a beautiful event which even they could not have managed to do so.

Information provided herein is from the Official sources of the New Logic '14.

Overall Championship for the Intra College Technical Symposium goes to the Department of Computer Applications, Shift II.

Students of the 1st year BCA have out performed their seniors in Debugging and Technical Quiz event. Hats Off to them!!!

-Chief Administrative Officer.

"My Hearty Congratulations to my students, you have made me proud today. Thank you so much and All the Best."

-M. I. Seyadu Umar Farook,
Head of the Department of Computer Applications,
Shift II.

-Chief Administrative Officer.

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