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Framed by C.A.O.


The following are the data structures 10 and 5 mark questions framed by the C.A.O. for the 2nd year students.

10 marks:

1. Discuss the various operation of Array with example.
2. Explain the conversion of infix to posting. Express the algorithm with example.
3. Explain insert, delete operation of singly linked list with algorithm.
4. Explain Dijkstra's shortest path algorithm.
5. Explain merge sort algorithm with example.
6. Discuss binary tree traversal.
7. Write algorithm for binary search and explain.
8. Explain quick sort algorithm with example.
9. Explain the applications of queue.
10. Explain the addition of polynomial with algorithm.
11. Explain doubly linked list in detail.
12. Explain hashing function in detail.
13. Explain with an example of recursion and applications of stack.

5 Marks:

1. Explain asymptotic notation.
2. Write short note on ordered list.
3. Write down the algorithm of PUSH, POP of stack.
4. Explain with an example of recursion and applications of stack.
5. Write short note on circular linked list.
6. Explain the conversions of forest to binary tree.
7. Write a short note on divide and conquer approach.
8. Explain the operations of stack.
9. Explain the operation of queue.
10. Explain about insertion and deletion of linear queue.
11. Explain singly linked list.
12. Write the types of graph in detail.
13. Explain the algorithm of postfix evaluation.

This has been framed by the C.A.O. himself based on the syllabus and the same cannot be considered to be the important or mostly repeatedly asked questions. Claims pertaining to the same will not be entertained. 

-Chief Administrative Officer.

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