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Tips for your project


Tips for doing your project (mini).

1. Choose the topic first.

2. Design the complete Architecture.

3. Decide who will use what or who has the access to what?

4. Avoid silly mistakes.

       4.1. As it is mini project, never try to keep it as the so called "Simple, Short and Sweet".

       4.2. Do the full project to get maximum marks.

5. Put yourselves on the shoes of the user and decide the modules.

6. Now choose the technology you are going to use.

7. Using C#, it is easy to connect SQL. NOTE: .Net technologies are Windows dependent.

8. Consult your guide when required, do to so you can also get an appointment from the Contact Us page itself.

9. Then, Interact 2 Innovate.

10.Remember what Bill Gates said "If you can't make it good then make it look good".

-Chief Administrative Officer.

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