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Interview Tips - An article from The Hindu

A portion of an article published in 'The Hindu' newspaper.

So the candidates need to keep the following points in mind for the interview.

1. Don’t show any signs of bewilderment. Maintain professional demeanour throughout.

2. Don’t take umbrage at the words, actions and attitude of the board. They always ask questions that are probing in nature and provocative in tone and tenor.

3. Presence of mind is indispensable in the course of stress interview. It basically refers to the ability to remain calm and act calmly, constructively during times of crisis. The difficulties can be converted into opportunities if candidates demonstrate presence of mind.

4. Be steadfast in your convictions, arguments and answers. Don’t allow either fluctuations or vacillations in your stands as you are subjected to intense stress.

5. Create impressions in the minds of panellists that you cherish challenges and thrive in crisis situations. Convince them that you don’t lose focus when stressed.

6. Present your special calibre in the domains of multi-tasking, prioritisation of work, planning and execution of work as they empower you to handle stress and unusual circumstances.

7. Be clear and direct in your answers. Never present convoluted answers, obfuscation of statistics and equivocal answers.

8. Be spontaneous and innovative when faced with unusual questions.

A simple and straightforward solution to stress interview is not to succumb and get stressed. Prepare for the best. Be prepared for the worst too.

-Chief Administrative Officer.

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