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Hacking Degree @ University of Madras


If you are keen on Hacking and want to land in a good job, especially in Police / Intelligence, go for M.Sc. (Cyber Forensics and Information Security).

This course is available only at 5 places in India. You can get a job in Police or Intelligence Agency as an Ethical Hacker and whatever you shall do will be legal with respect to your job.

One of the 5 places in India offering this course is University of Madras.

-Chief Administrative Officer. 

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Comments and Discussions
Saturday, 13 February 2016 at 12:32:00 GMT+5:30 delete

Can i do the same after BCA ?

If not, then What i Should after BCA to do the same course?

Thanks for the help!


Dear User,

Thank you for your comment. Hope you like this blog. Kindly share us on Social Media so others can be updated.

-Chief Administrative Officer.