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Zoho Corporation Hiring in Chennai


Dear Candidates,

Greetings from ZOHO Corporation !!!

We are currently hiring for "Content / Creative Writer (Marketing)" & "Technical Writer" positions.

A brief intro about ZOHO: 

Founded in 1996 and known until 2009 as AdventNet Inc., Zoho Corp. has it's research & development Center in Chennai and has offices in Pleasanton, Austin, New Jersey, Singapore, Tokyo. Zoho Corp. is privately held and serves a diverse range of enterprise IT, networking and telecom customers. We are into network management, IT infra-structure & Cloud computing. offers a comprehensive suite of award-winning on-line business, productivity & collaboration applications. Till date we have launched about 75 software applications, which have a huge customer base across the globe. Zoho Corp. has achieved impressive growth over the years and has been a rock-solid supplier and partner, with sound financials.

Read further to know about the job profile....

Job Description:

Role: Technical Writer Or Content Writer - Marketing.

People with good VERBAL and WRITTEN communication in English. 
      People with technical expertise can opt for Technical writing. 
      People with Marketing skills can opt for Content / Creative writing. 

Exposure to various authoring tools.
Creative writing.
Strong computer knowledge and superior communications skills, both oral and written.
Excellent knowledge of English grammar; familiarity with technical style guides and DITA will be preferred.

Work Location - Chennai.

If the above job profile excites you, why wait, please go-ahead and send your resume's to

If your resume suits us, you will be called for a written test to evaluate your Writing skills.

Thank You!

Jones Vasanth
HR - ZOHO Corp

-Chief Administrative Officer.

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