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Program to solve Quadratic Equation

Program to solve Quadratic Equation:

int main(){
  float a,b,c;
  float d,root1,root2;  
  printf("Enter a, b and c of quadratic equation: ");
  d = b * b - 4 * a * c;
  if(d < 0){
    printf("Roots are complex number.\n");
    printf("Roots of quadratic equation are: ");
    printf(", %.3f%+.3fi",-b/(2*a),-sqrt(-d)/(2*a));
    return 0; 
   printf("Both roots are equal.\n");
   root1 = -b /(2* a);
   printf("Root of quadratic equation is: %.3f ",root1);
   return 0;
   printf("Roots are real numbers.\n");
   root1 = ( -b + sqrt(d)) / (2* a);
   root2 = ( -b - sqrt(d)) / (2* a);
   printf("Roots of quadratic equation are: %.3f , %.3f",root1,root2);
  return 0;

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