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How to become a Ethical Hacker


Are you interested in Ethical Hacking? Then, this post is for you.

Cyber-security is one of the major concerns of online users these days and hackers are an inevitable part of this discussion. Every part of our cyber world is influenced by hackers and they exploit the vulnerabilities of systems to gain unauthorized access. While numerous people are confused between the terms hackers and cyber-criminals, many of you are willing to know more about hackers and how to become one.

Who is an ethical hacker?

Ethical hacker performs hacking to help an individual or company and identifies the potential risks. An ethical hacker is a good guy and sometimes the term is used synonymously  White Hats. They work to improve the overall internet security and search for weak points that could be exploited by the black hats – the bad guys.

Take a look at these points and you will understand what constitutes ethical hacking! These are “guidelines” that an ethical hacker must follow!

1. Respect an individual’s or company’s privacy.
2. Having a permission (expressed – often written) to break into a network and look for the loopholes.
3. After finding the vulnerabilities, you tell your employer about the unknown flaws.
4. After finishing the work, you must not anything open for later exploitation by you or someone else.
5. Do not take any kind of advantage of the permission and access granted to you.

Now, take a look at this infographic by It’s a very well represented career path. For choosing this career as an ethical hacker, you can start by becoming an Information Security analyst or by becoming a computer programmer.

Learn more about this career path in the infographic given below:

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