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Questions you should never ask


Here goes my another post after a longer span of time. I am writing this post after having a conversation with a couple of HRs.

Well, first and foremost thing is that when you are on the hot seat, there is a chance that your interviewer will ask "Do you have any questions about the company?".

So be careful when you question your interviewer. In your initial interviews, you might not be in the stage to be a team player or give your 100%.

The only purpose interviewer ask this question is, is to ensure that you are fit for the company and the company for you!

All other concerns must be addressed as soon as the job offer is made by the interviewer.

At some point, if you do not know anything about something, then  just say that you are unsure of it and you would like to skip this question if the interviewer permits so! (Be polite in asking, don't overpower, the person to whom you are speaking to is your interviewer who misht select you for his company!).

Do avoid the following when you are asked if you want to know anything about the company.

1. What your company does? If you do not know about the company, then why are you attending the interview of it? So don't be silly!

2. What will be my salary? Still the interview is going on! They have not landed in a decision to hire you. So let them offer it then you speak on it.

3. Should I work for long hours? You are giving an interview to get a job. If you don't work on the collection of jobs then how will you work harder for the company. At the initial days, the company might stress you. But not for a longer time. So be calm.

4. When can I take a vacation? Dude, yet offering you the job itself has not been decided! And you have not shown your ability to the company in practical. So, don't be stupid. Your holidays are over once you decide to go for a job or work.

5. When I will be eligible for a pay hike? You have not been offered the job and you have not even started working for the company. So do not ask of it.

6. How soon I will be considered for a promotion. Again, you have not been offered the job and you have not even started working for the company. So first get the job, work harder, be a team player and then ask. Usually, every company has an average period of 6 months for the promotion or pay hike.

7. Will I have my own cabin or office? Dude, you are just a fresher and you cannot take decision on your own. So first, INTERACT 2 INNOVATE.

8. What happens if I don't like the job or the people on my team? Get lost! No one is going to pamper you here. You get paid for your work not to get adjusted with the environment or surrounding.

9. Will I have an expense account? Even the CEO of the company has it.

10. Tell me about your personal life / achievement? Are you there for a dating??

11. Can I make personal calls during the working hours? Let's be practical, obviously not. Every company has atleast 1 tea break! You can make them inbetween it. If it is very important and urgent then you can but with permission.

12. Will you do background checks? Well that is none of your business! If the information provided by you is true than why do you worry about it?

13. Do you monitor emails (company given) or internet usage? Obviously. Every company has to pay for maintenance and usage and no company in this world is run for someone else's personal use but purely business and nothing but business in the competitive market.

14. Can I arrive early or leave late? Well no one is bothered if you arrive early but if late! Well, if you do not complete your job then you have to stay back as you used to in school days. If this becomes a habit of yours than there are chances you will be sacked by the company.

15. How will I do? You are educated and you must be knowing it how will you solve the problem.

16. Am I hired? Well no HR will say that on the face of the candidate unless or otherwise they are highly pleased with the candidate's talent. Wait for their communication.

But the worst among the above is that you don't ask any question. This will have an adverse impact in your hiring.

Don't show an attitude that you know everything about the company. Well even the CEO might not know certain things about the company itself!

-Mohammed Ahmed F, Managing Director of Interact 2 Innovate,  India.

-Chief Administrative Officer.

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