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Please don't buy this book

Please don't buy this book

Brief Description:

This is one of the self-development or personality development books available in the store. This has nothing extra or special in context to tell about, but the way it is presented and easy language makes it attractive. You can see the same essence which you see in 'You Can Win' or those of Dale Carnegie's collections. If you are someone who is lazy to read hundreds of pages, then this is for you.


When asked about the negative title given to the book, the author have beautifully told that this book has nothing  new and what others have told before is being re framed with catchy ingredients. Yes, I would say that there is nothing special or new in this book, but this is the book which I loved a lot after my all time favorite "How to Win Friends and Influence People " by Dale Carnegie.

When speaking in the marketing point of view I also learned that titles like this will definitely attract people to buy this. I too bought this just because of the title. So it not only taught me some basic development skills but also some marketing techniques.

It is always not possible to follow all the skills which a books says you to possess. But if a book can make you remember something whenever the occasions occur then I feel that it is the actual success of the book. There are few contexts which almost embedded into daily life which I would like to quote here,

"Don't try to expose yourself to someone who would have insulted you and is not bothered about whoever you are".

E.g., You may be a state topper in school or a renowned scientist, but in several situations may be when you go for a walk some unknown person may shout at you saying stupid for an accidental mistake. Here there is no use is explaining to him that you are a genius and not a stupid.

Actually the author has quoted this in the very first chapter by quoting an incident in Albert Einstein's life. Similarly few other quotes like combing the hair in a new way and travelling to office in a new direction can too have a some positive effects in your life and make you to love the day.

I would recommend you strongly to buy this book.

Where to buy:

SixthSense Publications,
29/ (7/3) ''E'' Block, Ist Floor,
Madley Road, T.Nagar,
Chennai - 600017
Ph: 65279654 / 24342771
Email :

Price : Rs.60/-.

The price is as per the 6th edition released in September, 2009.

-Chief Administrative Officer.