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10 Mistakes done by the developers

10 Mistakes done by the developers

Learning from the top 10 mistakes developers make

I present to you a list of a few common mistakes new devs (and sometimes even experienced) usually do. I believe that learning from these mistakes would be of some help to you. So, here is my pick of the Top 10 mistakes.

10. Trusting user’s input
Never trust the inputs provided by the end user. Also don’t blame them, mostly they do it unintentionally. We all make mistake mistakes. This might not be of great concern to them but a piece of bad data could potentially bring down the application or cause compliance-related issues. Apart from naive non-technical users we also have users with a certain level of technical know-how which they could potentially use to circumvent the system and get their work done. These are the users who pose a threat to your application and application needs to be safeguarded against the malicious activities.

The only option to save from landing into trouble at a later stage is to build a strong validation with self-explanatory and human understandable error messages. Cryptic messages hardly help the naïve user accomplish any task. Validation should be done in both user interface and database level just to be sure that even if by some means front-end validation was turned off the application still does not accept trash values.

9. Manual unit tests
Code changes that you do, needs to undergo unit testing and further rounds of Quality Assurance testing. All tests or at least a few minimum number of tests need to be done to ensure that the changes you made in one unit of code do not have side effects on the others. This is a necessary evil. Having automated unit tests and integration tests save you a lot of manual efforts in validating side effects of the changes.

8. Skipping documentation
The evilest thing that you can do is skipping documentation. Off course you can read the source code and try to understand the functionality. Reverse engineering the functionality from the code is a daunting task. This is good enough for a tiny functionality but definitely not a go for the entire application.

"Requirement changes, code changes and more frequent - members of development team change."

Knowledge about the application might not be transferred 100%. Sometimes people just forget. You need not create dozens of documents, create only a few like requirement specification and technical document and make sure to keep them updated, this should be a part of a stringent process which needs to be followed at any cost and must be accommodated in the project planning. This would help at later stages when the application is in support/maintenance phase.

7. Forgetting about Audit and Error logging
Not all end user/stakeholder would be bothered about cross-cutting concerns like audit logs and error logging. A stakeholder would simply come with a one-liner requirement which you would have to drill down till it becomes good enough to work on and deliver a solution addressing the stakeholder’s problem.

Data change audit and error logging might never be a part of user’s requirement but is implicit that it needs to be maintained. One fine day user would simply approach support team and ask them to provide data related to access and roles or some business critical data required for compliance or audit purpose and then you would have nothing to share.

Error logging is also crucial, you might do defensive coding but you never know what might fail in such cases effective error logging comes in handy. Monitoring error logs and trying to work on resolving recurring error would help in making your application more stable.

6. Careless use of privileged access
First and foremost, full control and access should never be provided. The system cannot protect itself from malicious activities if you leak the superuser or privileged account passwords. Risks involved in the reckless usage of privileged access should be a part of learning for inexperienced new members of development or support team. There might be times when you would have to make a modification to production database and having privileged access can lead to many issues.

“With great power comes great responsibility”

I remember once unintentionally deleting data from the master table and the query was auto-committed. I went cold but soon realized I had taken backup of the data, phew! It is always good to provide limited access for data modification via an interface which keeps data backup. One should also note that this tool should also be capable of doing bulk operations, else you will find yourself doing manual updates for a very long time.

5. Configuration menace
Scattered configurations in different files and database is a menace. Change in a configuration which affects multiple applications would have to be replicated in many files and databases. This probably is not much of an issue if you have a handful of applications but would soon become an overwhelming task when you have hundreds of application in an enterprise environment. Moreover, naked passwords in config files are yet another threat. If configurations are database driven then it reduces the later hazels also safeguards sensitive configuration entries.

4. Hard-coded time bomb
Hard coding values in the program are definitely a bad practice. Strange issues could occur because of the hardcoded value which silently sits there in your source code. One such incident is when you make use of hard-coded values for some maximum number, assuming that the maximum will not be hit. Such cases could take months or years to raise an error. Combined with no error logging and you will be in a very bad situation. Try to avoid hard-coded values. Move them to configuration variables if needed or try to completely avoid situations which would require them.

3. Prevent Burnouts
Working continuously without any breaks will just lead to burnouts. You should always take breaks at regular intervals. When you are overworked even doing simple things take a whole lot of time.

Set small achievable milestones for yourself and don’t forget to reward yourself for it. Chocolates, cakes, quick games just about anything that makes you happy and feel free. Learning how to prevent burnouts will make you more productive.

2. Code / Suggest for building resume
Having a strong resume with a listing of all new technologies is great but don’t just do it for inflating the resume. Learn them but use them only if you see the benefit and high maintainability over the existing things. Sometimes adding new tech options would not even be required.

Increasing the complexity should at least pay off in providing ease of maintainability. So I strongly believe that when you suggest some solution, check if it makes the application easy to maintain and makes everybody’s life easy.

1. Finding comfort zone in just one technology
Being a ninja in one technology is awesome and is always beneficial. But don’t stay limited to one technology. Try to expand your knowledge, sure there is a learning curve but challenging yourself helps you become a better technologist – a person who uses various technologies as effective tools and provides business enabling solution.

Times change, technology may become obsolete but your learning should never stop. Always try to explore new technologies and try weighing the pros and cons before using it as a solution for solving a problem.

I would like to hear about your views on these points. If you have any experiences to share, go ahead and post a comment. Remember…

The only real mistake is the one from which we learn nothing. ~ John Powell

This article was originally published on Skill Hive Blog
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Business Development Officer in Chennai

Wanted Business Development Officer with excellent communication skills and innovative marketing strategies.

Company Profile: It is a leading provider of smart technologies that focuses on providing innovative solutions 

combining sensors, wireless, embedded and computing systems for manufacturing, retail, healthcare, security, and logistics industries.

Note: Marketing is a commitment, not a campaign.

Job Title: Business Development Officer.

Responsibilities: Identifying list of potential clients, sending proposal, give presentations to clients, following and sealing the deal.

No. Of Positions: 03.
Qualification: B.Com. / BBA
Experience: 0 to 2yrs experience.
Location: Anna Nagar, Chennai
Last date to apply: 21/05/2016.

Send your resume to

Mohammed Ahmed F

Walkin HCL Hiring in Chennai

Recruitment Drive of HCL Talent Care for YES BANK in Chennai for 2013/14/15 Candidates


Ad  Address: 4th & 5th Floor, Beta Block, SSPDL limited ALPHA CITY, No 25, Navalur, Old Mahabalipuram Rd, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 603103
Land Mark: OPP Cognizant Near Toll Plaza.

Eligibility Criteria is:-
1. 50% in Graduation
2. And 10th and 12th – 50%
3. No Current backlogs
4. Age-less Than 25 Years

Job Description: Client Relationship Partner

Job Profile:

· Deliver qualitative services to customers.
· Promote bank products and services.
· Build customer relationships.
· Maintain and manage existing accounts/ Capture new accounts.
· Respond to customer inquiries and resolve.
· Maintain customer database and update periodically.
· Cross Selling Of Banking Products/ Branch Banking.

Selection Process:
1) Online Aptitude Test (JQ Test)
2) Communication Round.
3) Personal Interview
4) Final Round at YES Bank.

Salary Structure:

1st Month-Classroom Training-No Stipend.
2nd Month Onwards-Rs.2.75 CTC per annum

Training Duration -1 Month (22 Days in HCL Talent Care and 1 Week in YES BANK)

Job Location
Anywhere In Tamil Nadu
Training Location - Chennai
For more details, visit us at or call us  7358787875 / 8975166275

Sushant Kumar
HCL Talent Care

Walkin for .Net, Java, Linux, Windows

Dear Candidate,
Good day to you

Greeting from Sharp Gaze!!
About the Payroll company

Greetings from Sharp Gaze Tech Services Pvt Ltd!! Sharp Gaze Tech Services Pvt Ltd is IT Infrastructure Management company with specialization in Enterprise Management Solutions. Sharp is focused to bring unique methodology in the field of training, staffing, services and software. We work with our clients to solve their short-term and long-term business goals. We understand the unique situation of the clients, we work to locate the right resource with the right skills and experience required by the clients. We have developed unique training programs to support the requirements of the clients. We are passionate about the people we work with - let us partner.

Company Name:Sharp Gaze Tech Services Pvt Ltd,Chennai(

We have opening for various positions at Chennai location.

Any Qualification but 15 years of education is must.

Good communication is must.

Interested candidate walking for below venue @ 2 PM to 5 PM (Monday to Friday)

Contact Person : Vidhya [HR Recruiter]

Creative Enclave, Commercial Building, First Floor
148-150, Luz Church Road
Mylapore|Chennai - 600 004
Mob - 7811958507

CTS Hiring in Chennai, Delhi, Pune, Mum, Hyd & Australia

Dear Reader,

Cognizant is hiring for various positions for IT and Non-IT across the country. Please forward your resume irrespective of your qualification, area of specialization and expertise.

From freshers to experienced (15yrs+ also), please forward your resume to

For referral, please contact Mr. Sheik Zubair - +918680821553

Mohammed Ahmed F, Chief Administrative Officer,

Our users from around the World

Dear Reader,

Our analytics impression has revealed that we have users from around the world!

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TANCET 2016 Application and Exam Schedule

Dear Reader,

This year, Anna University is inviting applications for TANCET for MCA & MBA via online only.

Note: TANCET for MCA is different from TANCET for MBA.

Click hereIf you want to know the difference between MCA & MBA.

Last date for Registration of Application - 17.05.2016

Application related:

1. Application Guideline
2. Application Information & Instruction
3. Examination Syllabi
4. Applicant Eligibility

Schedule of Entrance Test

Programme Date Time
M.C.A 11.06.2016 10.00 a.m to 12.00 noon
M.B.A 11.06.2016 02.30 p.m to 04.30 p.m
M.Arch./M.Plan 12.06.2016 10.00 a.m to 12.00 noon

For preparation: Sakthi Publications TANCET for MCA - past questions solved if sufficient enough for preparation.

Admission into Anna University's Main Campus - College of Engineering, Guindy, Chennai.

1. Score high in TANCET.
2. Have minimum 60% overall in your UG
3. Mandatorily you have to have studied Mathematics in UG level.
4. Select Anna University in Counselling after your results are declared and venue for the same is finalized.
5. Only 60 seats for Full-time and about 50 in Self-supporting. in AU's Main Campus.

-Mohammed Ahmed F, Chief Administrative Officer / The New College (Autonomous) Alumni / Student of College of Engineering, Anna University Main Campus, Guindy, Chennai.

Opening for Android Developer in Chennai

Urgent Requirement for Android Developers

Desired Candidate Profile

Proficient with Android Studio.

Proficient with cloud message APIs and push notifications, Google Maps, Payment Gateway Integrations.

Familiarity with RESTful APIs to connect Android applications to back-end services

Understanding of Apples design principles and interface guidelines 

Experience with performance and memory tuning with tools {such as Instruments and Shark, depending on project needs}

Knack for benchmarking and optimization 

Have published Four or more Android apps in the Play store

Experience with third-party libraries and APIs

Working knowledge of the general mobile landscape, architectures, trends, and emerging technologies

Solid understanding of the full mobile development life cycle.

Good Knowledge of Php/MySQL, Web Development.

Interested Candidate mail CV to

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CIGMA Foundation

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AMS Engineering College

Lakeview road

7th May, 2016
8:30 A.M to 1 P.M


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Accenture hiring in Chennai, Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai

Dear Candidate 

Accenture is hiring for the position of "New Associate Software Engineer".

To register and to get venue details for interviews, visit the link below immediately 

Salary Rs. 2L p.a

Interview Locations: Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai & Bangalore

Eligibility Criteria for this position is as follows:
Graduation Course: BCA & BSc [Chemistry, Computer Science, Information Technology, Maths, Physics, Statistics, Electronics]
Graduation Year: April/May 2015
Percentage in Graduation: 60%
Backlogs: 0

Thanks and regards

Common Career Mistakes

55 Biggest Career Mistakes of Your Life:

1.      Assuming that you know everything
2.      Forgetting to network
3.      Not being prepared for meetings
4.      Ignoring the value of business cards
5.      Engaging in office drama
6.      Arriving to meetings late
7.      Not asking for more work when you’re bored
8.      Being satisfied doing the minimum amount of work necessary
9.      Not sharing your career goals with your leader
10.  Not reading up on your industry
11.  Forgetting to make a LinkedIn page
12.  Over-sharing personal stories at work
13.  Burning bridges when leaving a job
14.  Dressing unprofessionally
15.  Not proof-reading your e-mails
16.  Believing that you’re going to be a VP right out of college
17.  Not seeing the value in entry-level positions
18.  Not learning from your mistakes and failures
19.  Failing to seek out a mentor
20.  Thinking that once you choose a job field, you’re stuck with it forever
21.  Not having an updated resume available at all times
22.  Failing to join associations and groups pertaining to your industry
23.  Being a negative person
24.  Not taking initiative and turning down all new projects
25.  Forgetting to thank people who help you
26.  Not asking for help when you need it
27.  Failing to admit that you’re overwhelmed with your workload
28.  Trying to convince yourself that you love your job when you don’t
29.  Overestimating your abilities and not being honest about them
30.  Turning down training courses
31.  Not keeping track of all your accomplishments
32.  Making career decisions for anyone other than yourself
33.  Not actively looking for a job when you’re not happy with the one you have
34.  Thinking that it’s too late in life to change careers
35.  Making premature judgements of others
36.  Over-promising results, and then failing to deliver
37.  Not having a system for managing e-mails
38.  Failing to understand when and how you’re most productive
39.  Assuming that everyone around you thinks the same way you do
40.  Failing to accept diversity as an asset to your team
41.  Not caring how your actions affect other people
42.  Having an emotional IQ of zero
43.  Being scared to ask questions
44.  Making decisions that impact others without consulting with them first
45.  Believing that you need to be an a-hole to be taken seriously
46.  Taking jobs just for the money
47.  Not sharing your knowledge with others
48.  Letting your ego guide your decisions
49.  Not thinking big-picture
50.  Complaining about problems instead of offering solutions
51.  Failing to embrace change
52.  Being intimidated by new technology
53.  Not pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone
54.  Not giving yourself time to re-charge
55.  Not standing up for what you’re worth.

Best Asia Developer

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Mobile App Developer Opening in Chennai

Job Synopsis  
Immediate Openings for Mobile Apps Developer l 0.6-3 Yrs l @chennai!!!
Company: K2B Solutions
Experience: 0 to 3 yrs
Salary: INR 1,00,000 - 3,00,000 P.A
Location: Chennai
Education: (UG - Any Graduate - Any Specialization, Graduation Not Required) AND (PG - Any Post Graduate - Any Specialization, Post Graduation Not Required) AND (Doctorate - Any Doctorate - Any Specialization, Doctorate Not Required)

Job Description  

Experience: 0.6-3 years
Salary: Best in the Market
Location: Chennai

Attributes Required for Android:
*Experience in mobile applications with Android SDK & Eclipse.
*At least 2 Native Android Application in the Apps store.
*Knowledge in SQLite, XML & JSON parsing
*Experience in web services. 
*Knowledge in Oops Concept & programming skills in Core Java.
*Knowledge of Cross Platform (Phone Gap,Titanium) is added advantage

Attributes Required for iOS:
*Will be responsible for designing, coding and maintaining mobile application software for IOS Platform using Cocoa Frameworks in Objective- C language
*Good skills in UI design with or without XIB
*Knowledge of multi- threading, memory management, XML, JSON, web services, SQLite
*Excellent knowledge of Object Oriented Design Principles
*Good problem solving and programming skills
*Eye for Design
*Experience in IOS of at least 3 projects released and available in the AppStore
*Knowledge of Apple User Interface Guidelines
*Knowledge of Cross Platform (Phone Gap,Titanium) is added advantage
*Knowledge Strong in C , C++ ,Objective C, Xcode IDE,SQLite and Webservice

Venue Details:
No.5 Lakshmi Ammal Street,
Ayavoo Colony,
Landmark : Near Water Tank Bus Stop (MMDA) & Nilgiris in Abdul Razack Garden Road. (Opposite to Indian Bank Arumbakkam - MMDA Branch)

No.of Positions: 8
Joining Time: 10 - 20 Days(Immediate Joiners are welcome)
Company Profile:
Desired Candidate Profile  

Company Profile  
K2B Solutions - - K2B Solutions, an offshore Web Development Company from India, offers comprehensive software and web development solutions to deliver tangible results for businesses. We provide affordable, custom and quality software development services and develop industry defining applications that assists clients optimize time-to-market. Our areas of expertise include software application development, mobile application development, web application development and multimedia development. As a Web Application Development Company, we have successfully delivered full-featured and customized web applications that encompass e-commerce solutions, open source applications, portal frameworks, content management systems and social networking solutions. We are leading a new generation of India-based IT experts who combine an intimate knowledge of today"s cutting edge technologies with the business savvy needed to create and build strategic technology infrastructure and applications. With more than 100+ clients and 500+ IT projects in Open source, Mobile, Web 2.0, E - Commerce and SOA under our belt, K2B enables large and SME companies alike to leverage our one-of-a kind workforce of elite IT experts to create revenue generating business solutions.  
Priyanka Bhuvana
HR- Recruiter
K2B Solutions, Chennai

Internship for Freshers in Chennai

Looking for MBA graduates or Fresher's who would be interested in an internship opportunity with us. Location: Chennai Only.

Duration: 4-6 months.

Will be provided with attractive stipend. Interested candidates can mail their CVs to

HGS Hiring in Chennai

Dear Candidate,

Warm greetings from HGS

Job Position : Customer Relationship Officer

Job Category : Customer Service, Voice Process (Domestic)

Work Location: Chennai

Qualification :
# Minimum: +2 or Diploma pass
# Any Graduation including BE, B.Tech (Arrears acceptable)
# Batch: 2014, 2015 and 2016 passed outs

Desired Experience : 0 to 1 year

Shifts : Rotational shits

Desired Skills :
# Excellent communication skills in any one regional language {Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada, Hindi}
# Candidate with moderate English speaking skills desirable
# Basic understanding of computer knowledge and telecomm industry
# Self-Confident, objection handling skills, customer centric, flexible for shifts

Job responsibilities :
# Handling Inbound customer calls
# Resolving customer queries and issues over phone

Please carry below documents (mandatory) :
# Updated Resume Copy
# Photo ID Proof (passport/PAN Card/Aadhar Card/Voter ID/Driving license/College ID

Note: You can mention the reference as "Gabriella"

Walk-In Date : 19th  April 2016 to 23rd  April 2016

Walk-In Time : 9 AM to 5:00 PM only

Walk-In Venue :
5th Floor,JayanthTech Park, Padmini Gardens,Mount Poonamalee Road,Nandambakkam,Chennai 600 089

Contact Person : George (

Thanks & Regards
L.George Velankanni | Senior Executive-Recruitment
HGS-ISPL |5th Floor,JayanthTech Park, Padmini Gardens,Mount Poonamalee Road,Nandambakkam,Chennai 600 089
.Net opening in Chennai

.Net opening in Chennai

Dear Candidate,

We are ISEO Systems Pvt Ltd, a award winning company specializing in recruitment and staffing servicing more than 250 MNC companies in India and abroad. We cater to different verticals across India. We are looking out for HR Recruiters for our concern. 

Exp: 0 - 1 Yr 
Qualification: Any UG / PG 

Skills: Must have experience in Dot Net, MySQL 
Responsibility: Should Update the database in our existing software.

CTC: Negotiable 
Location: Guindy @ Chennai 

If you are interested please walk in @ below venue. 
Walk-in Date: 04.04.2016 - 07.04.2016
Walk-in Timing: 10.00AM - 04.00PM

Walk-in Address:
ISEO Systems Pvt. Ltd
5B, P. J. Apartments,
Chakrapani Street,
Near Maduvinkarai Flyover,
Guindy, Chennai-600032.

Tel: 22440288 / 22440265

Kindly refer any of your friends who will be suitable of this profile. 

Thanks & Regards, 
Sheela R 
Manager - Client Relations

For Regular jobs alert please see the link below. You may refer your friends for any better job. chief