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IT Job in Product or Service based Company

I would pick a product based company any day. Why? Because,

Package - ₹3L in service companies or ₹10L - ₹40L in product companies? Is this some joke?

Work - Product companies pride in their pure development work. What can service companies offer me? Maintenance work? Boring!

Hierarchy - I don’t want a 10+ level hierarchy above me. Product companies have a flat hierarchy and moreover, managers treats you like an equal.

Exposure - Service companies hire tens of thousands of candidates every year. And a majority of them can’t even code well (no offense). Not a thriving environment is it? Product companies hire only the best and I prefer working with the best.

Career - Product companies offer shortcuts into my future. Working in a product company literally brings recruiters to me. What can service companies offer me? A 1 - 2 year service bond? No thanks!

Amenities - Product companies pamper us with free food, parties, gym, cabs, bonuses, vacations. No dress code either! And service companies? Refer us to sim card companies!

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