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6 mistakes freelancers need to avoid

Freelancing gives you freedom – freedom to work, freedom to make decisions, freedom to choose. But this freedom can be expensive if you don’t avoid the inevitable mistakes. Some mistakes you learn from and some you can avoid from the beginning. If you are already committing these mistakes, it’s time to correct them. Here are the six most common mistake freelancers must avoid:

1. Undervaluing Yourself

Do you feel that charging low for your work will attract more clients? It isn’t entirely true. Good clients look for good quality.   They seek value for their money. If you can provide good quality work to your clients, do not charge less. You could charge based on your education, skills and experience. Also, consider the costs you incur towards completing the task. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced freelancer, know your worth.

2. Ineffective Client Handling

The first impression is the last impression. But you must also strive to maintain that impression to get continuous work. Your focus should not be on just delivering quality work. Client servicing and meeting deadlines are equally important. Live by the rule – under promise and over deliver. A delighted client always comes back with more work and recommendations.

3. Improper Time Management

As a freelancer, you have the opportunity to work at your comfort. But your work will be affected if you neglect time. It is easy to push your task for later. On the flip side, it is not wise to work continuously. So, it is better to fix work timings for personal discipline.

4. Taking Extra Work

Unlike a salaried job, your freelancing income is variable. Extra work means more income. But overloading yourself is not a good idea. It is likely to affect quality. Know the limit of assignments you can take. Do not compromise on quality. Boredom and saturation are also related to overworking all the time. 

5. Restricting Yourself

You must know your limits, but also try to exceed them. Do not restrict yourself to taking up a specific kind of work from a specific category of clients. For example, if you are a graphic designer, don’t restrict yourself to designing brochures. Consider learning video making or digital painting to enhance your skillsets. Reach out to a new set of clients. The most successful freelancers are those surrounded by a strong supportive network.

6. Falling Prey to Distractions

When there is no one to supervise you, you are distracted. While working, you may be inclined to check your Facebook feed or see if someone has texted you. Control your urge to get distracted, especially during your working hours. Make the most out of the time available. This will help you grow as a freelancer.

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