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Mobile Computing Important Questions


Mobile Communication Frequently Asked Questions.

Note: No one claims that these questions will be asked in the examination or whatsoever. These are the frequently asked questions in MC.

2 Marks:

1.what is frequency spectrum?
2.what is wave length?
3.what is a signal?
4.what is line sight?
5.what is differents between ground wave nd sky wave?
6.Differences shadwing and tifraction?
7.what is multiflexing on it's types?
8.what is spread spectrum?
9.Mention the types of satillite orbits?
10.what is sallelite?
11.what is Mac(Medium Acess control)?
12.what is Gsf(global system for Mobile Communication)?
13.what are the servies provided by gsm?
14.what is Rss,NSS&oss?
15.what is hand over?
16.what are the types of hand over?
17.what do you by security?
18.what is Gprs?
19.Difference between infra structure and adhoc network?
20.write about IEEE.802.11 std?
21.what is hyper lane?
22.what is bluetooth?
23.Difference between pico net & scatter net?
24.what is use of DHCP (Dymanio Host Confiration protocol)?
25.what is Multi cast routing?
26.Difference between pro-actives and re-actives?
27.Expandling the product WAP,WWW,WDP,WTLS,WSP,WAE,&WML.

5 Marks:

1.write notes on singal propergation?
2.Explain about path loss of radio signals?
3.Explain about SDMA,TDMA,CDMA&FDMA?
4.Explain spread spectrum?
5.Explain the protocol Arichture of Gsm?
6.write about Gprs and it's Arichture's?
7.Explain IEEE 802.11?
8.write Infra structure and hand lock networks?
9.what is hyper lane?
10.Explain about bluetooth?
11.what is Mobile Ip?
12.Explain about DHCP(Dymanio Host confiration protocol)?
13.Explain about Multicast Routing?
14.write Notes tcp over.adhoc network?
15.Describe about WAP Architure?
16.Describe Architure of www?
17.Explain about Wsp and wtp?

10 Marks:

1.Describe about satellite system and it's types based on it's orbits?
2.Explain in detail's about Gsm Architures?
3.Explain about handover and it's types?
4.Explain about bluetooth techonology?
5.Explain about pro-active and re-active protocols?
6.Explain about WTA Architure?
7.Explain about WML Architure?
8.Explain about WAE?
9.Explain about Infra struture and adhoc network's?
10.IEEE 802.11 standard?

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