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Microsoft pays $15000 for Hackers


Think you can hack Microsoft’s latest Spartan browser; Microsoft will give you $15000 for doing so.

Microsoft offers $15000 cash to hackers and security researcher to try and hack the all new Spartan browser

Microsoft is opening up its coffers for hackers and security researchers who can hack the all new Spartan browser which is being shipped with Windows 10.

As more and more security vulnerabilities are reported in the browsers, Microsoft wants to keep a tight lid on any bugs in Spartan before it is official release with Windows 10 final build to users this summer. Therefore today it has announced that it will be expanding its bug bounty program to include exploits for its new web browser, Project Spartan.

Microsoft’s Spartan Project is the most ambitious project yet and Spartan is set to replace Internet Explorer and give a tough competition to Chrome and Firefox. In order to provide quality competition with these two browsers, Microsoft knows it is necessary to provide a secure browser from the start so that more and more users accept Spartan and make it their default browser.

The new bug bounty program announced today starts from $500 to $15,000-a-pop per bug discovered. Microsoft has announced a generous bug bounty program to deter hackers from selling the exploit if found, on dark net underground forums.

 “Microsoft’s new browser will be the on-ramp to the Internet for millions of users when Windows 10 launches later this year. Securing this platform is a top priority for the browser team,” Microsoft stated in a blog post on its TechNet website.

The new bug bounties also extend to Azure, Microsoft’s cloud storage platform, as well as its newest project-sharing platform,

If you are a hacker/security researcher download the Windows 10 TP Build 10061 today and start hunting for bugs.

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