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TANCET 2015 Analysis


TANCET-2014 M.C.A. exam was conducted on 22nd March, 2014, from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. Every year Anna University conducts this exam on behalf of the Government of Tamilnadu. Till last year TANCET M.B.A. used to be conducted in the morning session while M.C.A in the afternoon session but this year M.C.A. was conducted in the morning session while M.B.A. in the afternoon session. 

Number of Questions - 100
Marking Scheme - 1 Mark for every correct answer
Negative Marking - 1/4 Mark for every wrong answer
Number of Choices - 4
Duration - 120 Minutes

TANCET-M.C.A. 2014, although not a shocker to the students, had many interesting changes in the mix of the questions. From TANCET-2010 Exam onwards, every year changes have been made to the paper in such a way that you cannot guess how the paper is going to be. The following are the some major changes in the paper – In both 2010 & 2011, 10 + 2 level maths played a major role in the exam. (Some of the questions asked in these years have even higher maths than 10 +2 level). In 2012 & 2013, there was a higher presence of non-verbal reasoning questions. (In fact Non-verbal reasoning based questions were not given prior to 2012 exam).  In these years even Computer based questions turned out to be electronics based questions.

In TANCET-2014, maths was very easy, reasoning was difficult but the important change is that this time the computer based questions were more of hardware related than of programming/flowchart. As some questions are common to both  Quantitative Aptitude and Computer Awareness, we shall  analyse  these two areas together.  Similarly, we shall look at Analytical & Logical Reasoning and Verbal Ability areas together.

Quantitative Aptitude  & Computer Awareness:-

Around 50-52 questions made up these areas of the paper. We've seen that in the last two years the number of questions on pure maths and their difficulty level decreased significantly and the same trend continued this year too. The questions from Ratios, Percentages, Profit & Loss, Time & Distance, Mixtures & Alligations,  Geometry & Mensuration, Permutations & Combinations, Indices & Surds, etc., formed a major portion of the Quantitative Aptitude area. On the whole, the difficulty level of quant questions can be said to be easy to moderate.

Coming to the area of Computer Awareness, we can say that this time the test takers had a tough time in answering the questions from this area--the reason being not only a shift in the platform but also their difficulty level. Leaving one or two national level M.C.A. entrances, most of the other M.C.A. entrance exams focus on very basic concepts in computers – TANCET is contrary to that. Earlier it used to focus on programming/flowchart based or electronics based questions. This time its focus was on hardware related  and that too the questions were not on the known objects like IO Devices, but on memory devices, chips, etc., making it difficult to answer the questions. Even their presence was also on the higher side. A score of around 28+ is considered to be very good in these two areas.

Analytical & Logical Reasoning, Verbal Ability:-

Around 48-50 questions made up these areas of the paper. This time also the number of questions on Non-Verbal reasoning was on the higher side–about 16-18 questions. Also the Non-verbal reasoning questions focussed on areas like embedded figures, figure formation, dice, apart from the regular series/analogies questions. There were questions from critical reasoning areas like Deductions, Assumptions & Conclusions, Inferences, etc.,  taking the difficulty level of the questions from this area higher. But the questions from the areas—sequences and series, odd man out, analogies were easy  to moderate and  candidates could easily answer these.

For the past two-three years, verbal ability in the M.C.A. exam was limited only to vocabulary, sentence correction and error identification. This time also we've questions on these areas but their number was even lesser and it was around 6-8 questions.  A score of 21+ can be considered good in these two areas.

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