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Vote your opinion in this scenario:

1. Having a Career - Offer from TCS (In Development / Code Maintenance)
2. Opportunity to pursue MCA (Evening) @ CEG Main Campus, Anna University, Chennai.

What will you choose, if you were a 2015 passed out?

1. Industry knowledge with part-time MCA Degree?
2. Full time (Evening) MCA degree @ Anna University and then Industry Knowledge?

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The question / request from one of our reader was:

I am in need of your advice based on your years of experience.

I have been selected in TCS as a Graduate Trainee designation (IT - Development) and have got seat in Anna University for MCA (Evening), 3 years.

My decision is to go with TCS offer as I will gain hands on industry experience.

But in my home they want me to go with MCA @ Anna University.

If I complete my 3yrs in TCS which also offers part time MCA degree in association with SASTRA University, Thanjavur. - 70% university handed papers and 30% by TCS.

If I go with TCS, Insha Allah, I will have 3yrs of experience with MCA and I can claim more CTC than as a MCA Fresher.

Though the CTC would not be much different then, 3yrs experience and Fresher MCA, but still the knowledge of implementation is important than just knowledge, I feel.

If I go with Anna University, for sure, Insha Allah, I will learn a lot from those contented faculties there but still would it make much difference in book knowledge than industry knowledge?

At present only fortune 100 companies prefer MCA guys, you all know that.

It's not like I don't want to study further, even in industry I will be learning but practically and in real time and if I get a chance on client side too.

I agree we all do not know the future but we can assume atleast 2yrs from now based on the situation and ongoing in the industry.

I am just in want of the practical knowledge than of those Knowledge of experience written on a piece of paper, why can't I create an opportunity of writing my own book of experience? Is MCA is everything? Will going with MCA @ Anna University will give all what I want?

With few I discussed few a days back and they called me a fool to ignore Anna University!

I am seriously in need of your experience to be shared with me in this tough time of mine.

I request all the brothers on this group to please take some time to press the keys of your experience to guide on this matter.

-Chief Administrative Officer.

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