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TCS Registration Process


Than complete

5 Simple steps:

1. On the left-hand side Click Register and Fill up the registration form.


1. Do not change your mobile contact number.
2. Have a Professional E-Mail ID. Say if your name is ANVAR SADATH than your E-Mail ID must contain a part of your name. Say

2. Complete your detailed profile (portfolio) to 100%.
3. Take any two online, open aptitude tests.
4. View at least two video lessons.
5. Submit the solutions for any two Open Lab challenges. Invite your smart friends too to join. You can form a team with them to do the Open Lab challenge.

To compete in Open Challenge 2015, you should be a BCA/ BCS/ B. Sc (Comp Sci./ Math/ Statistics/ Phy/ Chem/ Electronics/IT) student either graduating in 2015 or already graduated in 2013 or 2014. 

So take the plunge now. Who knows, you could be soon receiving an invite to the next stage of the hiring process.

Students the more you complete the TCS Open Ignite Challenges, the more the chance of getting into the TCS and the more is the chance of getting a better pay at TCS.

Kindly co-operate with this registration process to live a life of prosperity than a life of disappointment.

After complete the TCS Open Ignite Challenge, you need to register for NextStep on TCS.

1. On the right-hand side, select Register Here
2. Select Campus Applicants.
3. Now Fill Up the form and Wait for the call from TCS to confirm your registration.
4. On receiving the call from TCS, tell them that you have registered for the NextStep on TCS as you are expecting the TCS on your campus on Oct 21, 2014 for the Campus Interview.

All The Best for Your Career.

-Chief Administrative Officer.

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