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Skills for Exam Success


In the recent past students have been requesting to the C.A.O. of this website to suggest a learning plan as they are not willing to theoretical study!

Let me remind them that without theory there is no practical. Theory is just a reference to a practical session if ignored then you will land in a mess! So ensure you do initiate your own etiquettes or follow the below:

1. Set your goal
2. Manage your time
3. Identify your learning style
4. Develop a study plan
5. Keep up with reading
6. Develop effective note-taking techniques
7. Attend classes regularly
8. Create mind maps
9. Surround yourself with learning
10. Work with concentration
11. Apply memory techniques
12. Use all your intelligences

Study Skills Quiz

Complete the following true or false quiz to check how well you absorbed the information above.

1. Note-taking styles are pretty much the same.
2. How long I study is more important than concentrating while I study.
3. Memory techniques can make it easier for me to do well in exams.
4. Everyone learns in the same way.
5. Some people are just not smart.
6. Putting up posters with review points won’t make any difference to my grades.
7. Mind maps are an effective way to review and summarize what I have learned.
8. Time can be my ally or my enemy. It’s up to me.

Answers: 1-F, 2-F, 3-T, 4-F, 5-F, 6-F, 7-T, 8-T.

Happy Learning! Let's Interact 2 Innovate.

-Chief Administrative Officer.

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