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Heights of a Placement Officer!


This is a conversation between Mr. Subhash K U, C and C++ Expert in Bangalore and a Placement Officer of a prestigious University therein (Name not declared!).

Alhamdulillah, this never happens in our college. We believe in achieving things with our own efforts and initiatives and not on a chance provided! Be proud of it and target the Career > Job.

Bad State of Education !

I get a call from a placement officer (P.O) of a leading engineering institute of Bangalore today !

P.O: "Hi Mr.Subhash and P.O introduces himself"

Me: "Hi Sir, Nice to know about you"

P.O: "Would you mind training my students for C Programming Interview".

Me: "Ofcourse sir, that is what I do on a daily basis".

P.O: "Subhash, Can you do it within 3 days as there are companies lined up for my students"

Me: "Sir, Honestly speaking, training C in depth requires minimum 6 days. I will not be able to train them in 3 days time. Though I do that, students will definitely require to spend minimum another 4-5 days practicing it on computers".

P.O: "Subhash, In depth is not required. Just tell them the interview questions and tricks to crack the interviews. Your job is done"

Me: "Sorry Sir, It is too difficult for me to train students in 3 days and I will not be able to do a great job. Please try to understand"

P.O: "Subhash, nobody is bothered about your in-depth training. Everyone wants to crack interviews. And as a P.O, I want to show placements. I am not bothered, if students really becomes expert or not. My duty is to show placements. You try to understand from my point of view. The college management need to show placements to the outside world".

Me: "Sorry Sir. Will not be able to take up the training in 3 days"

P.O: "Ok, Thank you."

Feeling sick about the present educational trend ! This is not just about a single college. Everyone wants to prove themselves in their field. None are bothered about the students. Hook or Crook, colleges need to show placements. But the fact is this short-cut methods will not help in any way.

Hope the college management will understand this soon and call me again for training students the real stuff rather than giving few tricks to crack interviews!

I am planning to write a letter to the Honorable Vice Chancellor of engineering university about this bad trend of placements and extend my wish to help engineering students to learn the actual stuff required for campus placements.

-Chief Administrative Officer.

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