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Google Hiring BCA Students


Google is now offering various internship opportunities for the brightest minds of the world. 

About Google ( Google is an American multinational corporation specializing in Internet-related services and products. These include search, cloud computing, software, and online advertising technologies.

About the Internship: Google is offering many roles for its internship programs, check out the following to list a few:

Software Engineer Intern - USA, UK, Germany, Poland, Sweden, Denmark, Switzerland
Site Reliability Engineering Intern - Germany, Switzerland, UK, Ireland
User Experience Design Intern - Australia
Software Developer Intern - Canada

Who can apply: Eligibility varies according to the application of a candidate for an internship program. Most of the applications require the following:

1. Currently pursuing a BS, MS or PhD in Computer Human Interaction, Computer Science or a related technical field.
2. Experience in at least two of the following: HTML, JavaScript, CSS.
3. Streams: Computer Science & Engineering, Software Engineering.

Additional Information:

Please Note:

1.To search for the respective internship programs, kindly go through Google Jobs, click on "Intern" in "More filters" option at the left side of the webpage.

2. The start date and the deadline of the internship programs vary accordingly.

C.A.O's note:

Information above is the interpretation and paraphrasing of what we found on the shared link. If you have any more specific information on this internship or have interned in this program before and would like to share your experience then please do feel free to Contact Us.

You can also share meaningful internship that you know and join the movement to build a Wikipedia of internships and job openings herein this site. Kindly send them to us to make it reach job seekers at a larger scale to

-Chief Administrative Officer.

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