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Campus Interview Preparation Tips


Insha Allah Subhana va Ta'ala, TCS is expected to come for the Campus Interview on 21st Oct, 2014. If the model exam will be conducted on this date than the TCS Campus Drive will be postponed!

Therefore here goes another post of mine as a guidance to you all as a part of my experience and experience shared!

First, before getting technically ready for an interview you need to impress the interviewer and make him / her very much eager to interact with you as soon as possible.

So you need to prepare an impressive resume.

Note: As a fresher you need to prepare resume not curriculum vitae.

Basically this is a format or sections you should have it in your resume sequentially. The following resume section and its sub category is based on the European Standards of Resume writing, which all professional resume writers follow!

1. Personal Information:
 >Date of Birth

2. Objective.

Note: Usually people have a habit of copying the objective online! Never do that. It is not mandate that you use objective unless you want to express it.

Questions will be raised by the interviewer based on what you have given in your resume. So be careful.

There were people who used to copy someone else's objective and say something else when asked to elaborate their objective. This might land you in a danger zone!.

You must write objective based on the field of company you are applying. 

3. Educational Qualification:
 >Qualification (From the latest to the oldest)
 >Institution studied / studying
 >Year of Passing

4. Computer and Technical Skills.

Note: All your computer and programming skills comes here.
5. Project(s):
 >Title of the Project
 >Project Duration
 >Individual / Team Work with Size
 >Technology Used
 >Integrated Development Environment (I.D.E.) Used
 >Front End
 >Back End

6. International Certifications, if any:

Note: A survey says that those candidates having at least one International Certification on on Technology get a better pay. For freshers it is minimum of Rs. 500/- per month.

The another advantage of having cleared at least one International Certification is that you can use the certification awarding company's logo on your resume with rights to.

7. Achievement(s), if any:
 >Paper Presentation
 >Sports etc.

Note: You should have a valid proof for your claim!

8. Languages Known:
 >Understanding (Listening & Reading)

9. Social Skills.

Note: All your volunteer activities comes under here. Like NSS, NCC etc.

10. Organization Skills.

Note: All your organizational ability comes under here. Like Head of Project Team, Event Organiser in a Technical Symposium etc. 

11. Reference:
 >Minimum 2 Strong references.
 >Work Place Name

Note: You need to get the permission of the referencer you will be listing and give their details herein this section.

12. Declaration.

13. Place and Date.

14. Your Name and Signature.

Now your impressive resume is prepared, Alhamdulillah.

Second, you need to get selected in the first round of the interview which is the worst filtering round as per many experienced candidates!

What is that? APTITUDE. Are you strong enough to get threw this one! No?


Alhamdulillah, you are prepared and cleared the first round of your interview.

Third, you need to prepare for the group discussion which might fall on the second filtering process!

Group Discussion can be of any topic. It is highly recommended that you better be updated by reading the news papers from now onwards.

I recommend THE HINDU newspaper as it contains simple english language and makes you very comfortable in reading. If you do not understand any word than Google it!

In order to learn more similar words I strongly recommend you to Download this Excellent Offline English Dictionary.

For sure after using it you will utter AWESOME, as the Department of Awesomeness is "Offering Something that you cannot refuse."

Fourth, you need to prepare yourself for the Technical Round, here is where you need to show what you can do and how much you can do it!

It is highly recommended that you become strong in the following languages:
>C (Functions, Array, Pointers, Files)
>C++ (OOPS, Class, Object, Functions, Constructors and its types, Destructors, Inheritance, Function Overloading / Overriding etc).
>JAVA (OOPS, Class, Object, Methods, Constructors and its types, Destructors, Inheritance, Packages, Method Overloading / Overriding, Advantages of JAVA etc).

Study what you have not studied till date. Like the 4th and 5th Unit usually what students skip due to laziness and etc reasons!


1. If you know HTML5, CSS3, JScript then you can earn while you learn also and even the Industry requires candidates with this knowledge.

2. Having knowledge in Android App Development gives you an added advantage!

Last but not the least, HR Round / Negotiating the Salary / Package / CTC:

This is upto you and how to come across all these stages of filtering has an impact on this HR round. But still there is chance to get a better pay based on your negotiating skills for sure but has no guarantee on the same as well!

For further guidance and Campus Placement Grooming, fill up the Contact Us form or drop in a mail:-

-Chief Administrative Officer.

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