Vision and dreams are the blueprints of soul and achievements.
-Mohammed Ahmed F

Following an Engineer's Footsteps


Hope you all have enjoyed the Career Guidance Seminar conducted by Mohammed Javeed Hussain M H and Mohammed Ahmed F, Final Year Students of the Department of Computer Applications, Shift II.

We hope that the presenters were able to deliver their message appropriately! Well, here is the Statistics based on the Seminar Evaluation Form filled-in by the audience.

Feedback of the audience:

Strength of the Seminar:

1. Difference between B.Sc. (Computer Science) & B.C.A. Degree.

2. The presenters were able to deliver the message and the audience is convinced with the logic behind "Whose mistake it is?" - The Central idea of this Career Guidance Seminar in an Industry's Perspective.

3. Information about Salary offered in the Industry for the Freshers in various IT Domains.

Weakness of the Seminar:

To provide professional instances to clear the logic behind every point delivered during the seminar is highly welcomed by the presenters. Well, that's a good news!

Do you recommend this Seminar for the Juniors?:

Answer by the audience:
(Based on 99% Vote by the audience).

Satisfaction level of the audience:

(Based on the Seminar Evaluation Form filled-in by the audience).

How to Prepare for your Examination like Engineers:
Solutions to increase your marks - Following an Engineer's footsteps:

Category 1 – 75%+ → (90%+): 

Syllabus memorize
Will never miss the lectures
Will study last 5 years question papers without fail
Will avoid night study – Sleep by maximum 10.30pm
Additionally refer Online
Refer assignments
Text books – Extra Learning
Presentation - Pencil, Scale - Heading Double UL, Handwriting, Use of Black and Blue pen.
Last minute study - 3am to 6am best time – reading
Last minute practise - 6am to 8am best time - practise

Category 2 – 45% – 75%→ (85%+): 

Will study last 5 years question papers without fail
Will attend 50% - 60% of lectures
Text books – Extra Learning
Getting guidance  / help from Category 1 Students
Last minute study - 4am to 6am best time – reading
Avoid night studies – Sleep  by maximum 11.30pm
Avoid group studies (Time wasting) 

Category 3 – 30% – 45% → (40% – 50%+):

Will study last 5 years question papers without fail
Group study (To get idea - instead of speaking they can cover 1 Unit from Syllabus) – Not Recommended.
Text books – For Reference
Will never take guidance from Category 1 or 2 
No Job Guarantee

Category 4 – Lesser than 30% → (20% – 30%+):

Will never complete their degree in the stipulated period of time

Hope you all enjoyed the fun way of thinking and learning something in Industry's Perspective and will follow the delivered tips by the presenters and May you live a Life of Prosperity than a Life of disappointment.

Happy learning and don't forget about the TEAM WORK  - Interact 2 Innovate.

-Chief Administrative Officer.

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