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Seminar on Java 8.0 Remainder


Note: Students who want to register themselves for the Free Seminar on Java 8.0 - SLOT 2 (11.30am to 1.30pm) are advised to send their details listed herein to

1. Full Name
2. College Registration Number
3. Mobile Number
4. E-Mail ID


The following candidates who have registered themselves for Free Seminar on Java 8.0 - SLOT 1 are advised to reach the venue on or before 9.30am to 11.30am.


Grey Tech Cloud,
No: 142/9, Purasawalkam High Road,
Chennai - 600 010
Land Mark: Near Abirami Theatre and Near Chellamani and Co.
Cell: +91-9176656465. 

Instruction to the Candidates:

1. Dress Code - Formals - MUST.
2. College Identification Card - MUST.
3. A book and Pen - MUST.

Candidates list for Slot 1 - 9.30 to 11.30am:

Name Reg. No.
Aaqeem Shabaaz A 12UCP2644
Aasim Ameen T 12UCP2642
Abdul Rahman A 13UCP5703
Abubacker Siddiq 13UCP5704
Aftab Ahmed V M 12UCP2624
Aravindhan M 12UCP2603
Fazil S I 12UCP2646
Mohammadh Ilyas F 12UCP2635
Mohammed Ahmed F 12UCP2632
Mohammed Azharuddin B 12UCP2636
Mohammed Faizal N 12UIS2319
Mohammed Ismail M R 13UCP5730
Mohammed Javeed Hussain M H 12UCP2610
Mohammed Rayeez R 13UCP5718
Mohammed Sadiq M 12UCP2615
Naveeth Imran A 12UCP2611
Shadiq Batsha S 12UCP2749
Shaik Alim M 12UCP2616
Sheik Zubair N 12UCP2617
Syed Amjath S 12UCP2618
Syed Tariq Ahmed 12UCP2649

-Chief Administrative Officer.

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