Vision and dreams are the blueprints of soul and achievements.
-Mohammed Ahmed F

Our Achievement


I do not know how much useful it is for you but I must admit that I have taken utmost care and effort to do this and even I sacrificed my education and friends at times for its maintenance. But after 50+ people have called me, 100+ texted me, 30+ met me in person and said that it is really very useful I am proud of myself and especially my Head of the Department Mr. Seyadu Umar Farook Sir and his excellent faculty team who have encouraged and helped me in all sphere in bringing this blog to this extend that even other college students, especially the engineering students saying that this blog is really very useful!

2 girls texted me on WhatsApp and said that because of tips available for writing Resume and attending Interview, on this blog, they have got a well paid job which they never dreamt of it ever because of the industry condition and the criteria in which they do not fall in, as per their statement!

Thank you so very much Sirs, friends and others to be a part of this!

Sal'lal'lahu 'Aliehi Vasal'lam.
Allah hu Akbar.

-Mohammed Ahmed F, Chief Administrative Officer.

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