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3 Kinds of Industry People


There are 3 kinds of people I have seen in the Industry:

1. Start coding in C, become expert in C and Linux Programming and wish to learn C++ and Java. They complain saying C++ and Java are not interesting and nothing great can be done by themselves like library implementation etc. as most of them are in-built. They feel C is the best because, they get to do all the coding work and can have fun with pointers and talk to hardware.

2. Start coding in Java in their earlier careers and wish to learn C. They complain saying C has nothing. C is not comfortable. They feel, they have to do all the work and its bad. They are happy about JAVA being rich is built-in frameworks and they are comfortable using it.

3. I come here. I love both because I feel, both has its own advantages and disadvantages and enjoy coding in both!

Which is your category?

-Chief Administrative Officer.

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