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10 tips for behaving as a grown-up professional


1. Show enthusiasm in what you do but do not over-promise results.

2. Ditch the colloquialisms and slang. You want to be professionally mature, not college cool.

3. Stay away from political or religious conversations. You may want to even avoid voicing your position on current events.

4. Before you decorate your cubicle or office ask: how could this be interpreted by a peer, boss or client?

5. Recognize when someone's day is upside down. A business meeting delayed until next week will be more productive than a rushed and distracted meeting today.

6. Don't show up empty-handed when invited to someone's house.

7. No triangle conversations. Don't speak for other people. In conflict, make sure all parties are present when discussing.

8. When upset, detach from emotion before you speak or make a decision. If you are not “wired” this way, discipline yourself. Start training your self-restraint muscle.

9. If someone is good at what they do or has helped you in some way, tell them. We don’t have to wait until the eulogy.

10. Handwritten thank you notes go a long way when someone has helped you.

This article was taken from Yahoo!

-Chief Administrative Officer.

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