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Most Popular Programming Languages


Most Popular Programming Languages of 2014

Every year CodeEval release data on the "Most Popular Programming Languages" based on thousands of data points we've collected by processing over 100,000+ coding tests and challenges by over 2,000+ employers.

This gives us a pretty good idea on what the trends  are for the upcoming year in terms of what companies are looking for.  It's data we hope will be especially helpful for new computer sciences graduates or coders looking to stay ahead of the curve. 

For the third year in a row, Python retains it's #1 dominance followed by Java, C++, and Javascript.

This year's most noticeable changes were a 300% increase in Objective-C submissions, a 100% surge in C#, as well as a 33% increase in Javascript submissions while PHP lost -55%, Perl dropped -16%, and Java shrank -14%. 

Another major index to look at is from TIBOE which is a more accurate measure of language market share compared to the CodeEval index which is a much better indicator for language popularity in industry. 

This of course shouldn't be the only consideration used in choosing a programming language. Read this recent write up from our friends at for some more insights.

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