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SAP Course Advice


SAP is an addon to your career. If you really want to do SAP in India then do it in Bangalore or else do not dream of the same.

Although it is for about 20 or 25 days intensive course costing you more than Rs. 2.75L, it will be like Goundamani and Senthil comedy in other places of India.

Hence choose your training centre with care.

If you go as a SAP Trainer to Canada, you will be offered the highest pay, a mansion for you and your family and a luxury car! The another is that you need not change your domain to do SAP!!

Many foolish people say that if you are really willing to do SAP, then you should have at least two years of hands on experience in a big enterprise then only you will be able to understand the needs of the same when you will be learning it.

-Chief Administrative Officer.

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