Vision and dreams are the blueprints of soul and achievements.
-Mohammed Ahmed F

Beware of Our Fake Blog


Beware of fake blog in the name of ours.

Some anonymous 'Jonny Jonny' as created a blog and has posts completely stolen from our blog

Those who are reading the fake blog of ours ( created by an anonymous, read at your own risk. Any improper updates given therein will not be compared with this blog.

Although every person in the Department of Computer Applications knows about the existing of this blog as an initiate by its students, this blog has been declared to be unofficial blog of 'Department of Computer Applications' of 'The New College' as the administrators of this blog wish to share their knowledge with others and have been initiating the same and have being providing you the best service possible which cannot be clubbed under the official banner.

We were just shocked to see a fake blog of ours!
That some anonymous created!!
Are we that famous!!!

-Mohammed Ahmed F, Chief Administrative Officer of Unofficial Blog ( of Department of Computer Applications, The New College.

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